Why TMA?

Why TMA?

The Maritime Academy or TMA is the first Maritime Academy in the hills of north India. For those seeking a successful future in merchant navy, it is the best possible educational hub.

There are many reasons for saying this and some of them are listed on below:

1. Industry Relevant Education: The curriculum offered at TMA is industry relevant. The academy ensures that the students will have the most marketable and relevant skills needed for the Marine industry, making students fit for both national and on board training in the later phases of the courses.

2. Practical Training: Merchant Navy is an industry which requires practical knowledge rather than theoretical know how. Hence, the focus is on imparting knowledge through practical training. This is achieved through stimulation rooms in early phases and on board training in the later phases of the courses.

3. Emphasis on Physical Training: The physical fitness of a mariner is crucial and therefore, the academy lays emphasis on physical fitness of its students. The curriculum includes enough physical activities in their schedule to prepare them for the life on board. We train students like soldiers to make them exceptional sailors.

4. State of the Art Infrastructure: The facilities offered are world class. The campus has been designed to include all that is necessary for smooth training of future merchant mariners.

5. Qualified and Experienced Faculty: Good teachers make great students. Hence, the teachers of the Academy are selected after much deliberation and debate. They are mostly from the Maritime industry itself. They have experience which helps them guide students and set up real expectations.

6. Placement Assistance: The Academy also offers placement assistance to its pass outs. So, we don’t just help with education but the aim at employability and employment.