Merchant Navy Jobs

Merchant Navy Jobs

A career in Merchant Navy is challenging as well as rewarding. You lead a very different life from the one led by your peers on land. As a merchant mariner you become part of an industry that touches almost 90% of the things we use, one way or another. As a part of this amazing industry you share responsibility for keeping this vital industry going and the world trade moving.

Trained merchant navy professionals are needed all across the globe as the merchant navy industry operates globally. Merchant ships operate all around the world and include modern ferries, large container ships, luxury cruise liners, oil, gas and chemical tankers and support vessels for the offshore exploration industry.

Ship Ranks

The employees on board a ship are assigned ranks basis their qualifications and duties. The main ranks on board are in the following categories:

Officers: Deck (Navigation), Engineering and Electrical Officers.
Ratings: Support staff who assist officers.
Support Services: Support personals who assist in catering and housekeeping services.

The work aboard a ship is primarily divided between two departments i.e. the Deck also called Navigation department and Engineering department. Both the fields require one to undergo relevant training.

At TMA the courses offered are aimed at creating Ratings for both departments and Officers for the Deck Department. The courses equip you with professional seafaring competence and survival skills.

Navigation Officers or deck officers are vital members of the ship's management team. They are responsible for the safety of the vessel, the cargo on board, the passengers as well as other crew members. It is a huge responsibility which needs one to be skilled. On duty (called a 'watch'), A Navigation Officer makes decisions on steering and maneuvering the ship, controlling navigation and communications. He or she needs to be trained to use the latest technological systems to fulfill the same.

GP Rating is trained in both, Deck and Engine Room duties. They can be employed in either Deck or Engine department according to the needs of the company. Ratings work on the ship involves seamanship activities, cargo handling, maintenance work, operation and maintenance of machinery.