Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is absolutely essential for those looking to make a career at sea. At TMA we encourage a lifestyle which incorporates a lot of physical activities in the daily curriculum of the students.

We also promote sports which in turn encourage within individuals qualities like team spirit, healthy competitive spirit and sportsman spirit. The students are provided many facilities to promote health and wellness.

Gymnasium and Physical Training Room

A Gym equipped with the best physical training equipment is open for students to utilize and work on their own fitness.

Badminton Court

The campus boosts a badminton court amongst its facilities. All the necessary badminton gear is also available.

Table Tennis

Another option for those who do not like outdoor sports is table tennis. It is high energy sport and helps improve concentration as well as motor skills.

Volleyball Court

Volleyball is another team sport for which the academy has made the facilities available i.e. court and equipment. It is a physically demanding sport and builds endurance. So,we encourage students to participate actively.

March-past & Parade

To become a sailor, one needs to train like a soldier. Keeping this is mind every morning between 9 to 09.30 students march as a Company and undergo inspection.

Morning Drills

Every morning the hours between 05:30 to 07:00 are dedicated to pursuit of physical fitness and training under the watchful eyes of an expert.