Academic Facilities

Academic Facilities

The purpose of education cannot be solved unless the tools provided to deliver it are as good as the education being imparted. Keeping this is mind the campus has been designed to enrich the teaching – learning process. We have tried to keep in mind the needs of our students and develop a set-up which is conducive to their holistic development into able sailors. The Academic Halls are referred to as T. S. Rio or Training Ship Rio


The classrooms are clean and well ventilated with a seating capacity of 150 to 200 students each. Also, to facilitate the triangular learning process within students, we make use of a lot of audio-visual tools in our teaching methods. The classrooms are equipped with projectors and white boards to facilitate the teaching process.

Seamanship Lab - M/V Rio:

Seamanship Lab is a specialized lab to enable the trainees to recognize the different parts as well as the equipment used on ships. Here students have access to material needed for rope work, lifesaving appliances, fire fighting appliances, and navigation equipment like autopilot, magnetic compass, GPS Navtex and telegraph panel.

Marine Engineering Lab:

This lab is an Engineering workshop, which has been designed to give practical training to the engineering cadets. Here the students learn tasks related to engine maintenance and upkeep. They have access to tools required for practical knowledge and real life application.

Marine Simulator:

A maritime simulator or ship simulator is a system that simulates ships and maritime environments for training, research and other purposes. As per their course requirements students are taken to an external facility for spending time on a Marine simulator where they learn how to handle ship navigation during different weather conditions.

Chart Work Room:

Chart work is the art of laying a safe course, fixing the position and reassuring that position, while steering the ship on that course. It’s an imperative job which every navigating officer should master. At TMA, we have a Chart work room equipped with Admiralty charts to help students understand and learn this much needed skill.

Computer Lab:

TMA also houses a computer lab with the best in modern computer equipment. It is fitted with independent servers which provide internet facility on all computers. However, the student’s access to internet and other computer software is monitored rigorously to avoid over indulgence.


Norman Cousins said, “A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life. “ The library is a store house of knowledge and encourages students to develop the habit of reading for gaining knowledge as well as pleasure. The library at TMA houses many books related to maritime industry, skills, equipment and life. Periodicals and magazines are also available for students to keep up with current affairs.

Facilities for Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is absolutely essential for those looking to make a career at sea. At TMA we encourage a lifestyle which incorporates a lot of physical activities in the daily curriculum of the students. We also promote sports which in turn encourage within individuals qualities like team spirit, healthy competitive spirit and sportsman spirit. The students are provided many facilities to promote health and wellness.

Gymnasium and Physical Training Room:

A Gym equipped with the best physical training equipment is open for students to utilise and work on their own fitness. It offers the students with weight training material, strength training machines as well as other high quality gym paraphilia.

Swimming Pool:

We have tied up with an external service provider and take our students to an Olympic size swimming pool once a week. Here apart from learning and/or practicing swimming students participate in survival drills and learn to use lifesaving equipment. Qualified trainers and staff are always available and all other security arrangements are also kept in mind..

Badminton Court:

The campus boosts a badminton court amongst its facilities. All the necessary badminton gear is also available.

Volleyball Court:

Volleyball is another team sport for which the academy has made the facilities available i.e. court and equipment. It is a physically demanding sport and builds endurance. So, we encourage students to participate actively.

Table Tennis Table:

Another option for those who do not like outdoor sports is table tennis. It is high energy sport and helps improve concentration as well as motor skills. Within the campus recreation room table tennis facilities are available.

Morning Drills:

Every morning the hours between 5:30 to 7:00 are dedicated to pursuit of physical fitness and training under the watchful eyes of an expert.

March-past & Parade:

To become a sailor, one needs to train like a soldier. Keeping this is mind every morning between 9 to 9.30 students march as a company and undergo inspection.

Living Facilities and Accommodation

On-campus accommodation is an integral part of the cadet lifestyle. This gives new cadets the chance to meet each other and experience living away from home before they go away to sea. Our halls of residence named Dr. Kalam Halls are conveniently situated close to our campus and combine catered accommodation with easy access. The halls are also easily accessible to a wide range of local facilities like shops and markets. A member of staff is available 24-hours-a-day to assist students and provide support where required.

Other facilities include:-

  • 24/7 power backup
  • Separate bunks and almirahs
  • Clean toilets
  • Well ventilated rooms
  • Dish TV connection
  • CCTV cameras
  • Security guards at all times
  • Solar lights and panel
  • RO purifiers and water coolers
  • Water heaters
  • 24/7 water supply
  • Mess & Kitchen:

    The academy’s mess is spacious and equipped with comfortable dining furniture where around 150 students can eat at one time. The food is prepared by experienced chefs and stewards keeping quality standards and hygiene in mind. The kitchen and mess follow the same rules and culture as observed on a ship. This helps students become familiar with what’s to come.

    Recreation room:

    The students need time to reenergize and rejuvenate and keeping this is mind the halls of residence also offer them recreation options. The recreation room is equipped with a television, where students can watch selected content. The room also carries facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carrom, ludo etc. However, the students’ access to this room is monitored and time controlled to avoid over-indulgence


    The School realises that students can fall sick while on campus and may need immediate first aid. Therefore, the school has a well-stocked infirmary or medical room with 2 beds. There is also in-house doctor and appropriate personnel available at all times to deal with medical issues

    Drinking Water Facilities:

    The academic block as well as residential halls has RO purifiers to provide students with safe drinking water at all times.


    Academy has clean and well-maintained restrooms for students’ use. The academy staff ensures that they are always spic and span