About TMA

The Maritime Academy came into being in September 2016 as a result of the efforts of TMC Foundation. Today it is proud to be an institution achieving excellence in maritime education and training. The Maritime Academy has brought together state of the art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and industry focused course material to equip students with employable skills.

The Maritime Academy offers a wide variety of training programs that cover the entire spectrum of marine education and nautical sciences. These include: seamanship, navigation, operations, communication skills, culinary arts, offshore and safety training. The training programs are designed to meet all current national and international standards. The focus is on providing students a realistic training environment that equips them with skills and qualifications they need for launching promising careers at sea. Therefore, the students aren’t just trained on the technical aspects of being a sailor, but also taught interpersonal skills, team work, leadership skills, responsible behaviour and conflict resolution. A lot of emphasis is also laid on physical fitness and healthy living by means of exercise drills, running, sports competitions, etc.

Since its commencement The Maritime Academy has helped carve successful careers for many students. It is gradually establishing itself as an eminent centre of education and training with its state-of- the-art facilities and knowledgeable and professional team which has a wealth of industry experience. We believe, we are ideally placed to give our students the best possible start to their careers at sea.

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